Some observations from travels

Hello Ha Noi!

Ha Noi!  Welcome to another beautiful part of Vietnam!  We arrived in the evening and had a not very pleasurable start to our journey.  Our pick up driver from the airport drove very slowly as he was so busy on the mobile!  He was not just chatting, screaming would be a more apt description.  We had to remind him to tone it down a bit before we damage some ear hairs!  Then he took us to a wrong hotel…as he was busy with other chores aside from driving.  We found our destination at last.  This was a typical Groupon booking, you get what you paid for, type of transaction.  Our hotel is very basic.  But, I must say, very ideal.  We are smack bang in the middle of the Old Quarter, very central.

Early the next morning I walked out on the street and already people were busy with their morning deliveries.

Half-way into our 5-hour drive to Ha Long Bay we had a pit stop at a strategically located toilets/cafe/art shop place.  This was one of the ladies working on threading a poster sized artwork.  Very intricately done and very expensive as well.  And some of the silk art available for sale.

Ha Long Bay…one word, Magical!

This is an absolute Must See! destination.  We had lunch on our way out into the bay, then climb up the hill to get into the most beautiful cave.  Inside they put coloured lights amongst the stalagmites and it made the quiet cave into an orchestra of lights.  Beautiful!  Later on as we went closer into some of the limestone formations we were taken on small row boats to go even closer into the bay.  We got to see the floating village closer as well.  It was so worth the long bus trip.

When you’re within the formations it was very serene.  You only hear yourself gasp at the beauty of this place.  God is good, indeed!


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  1. Surreal !

    October 12, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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