Some observations from travels

Ha Noi and the Old Quarter

On our second day at the wonderful Ha Noi we had a free day to wander around the city.  We chose to go to the Old Quarter and Old Market areas.  Intriguing!  Enjoy some of the images from this old part of the city.

We had coffee stop at this rustic cafe along the Hoan Kiem District.

A short walk further and you’ll be welcomed by the busy square along the Hoan Kiem Lake.

A French-colonial touch by the Metropole Hotel.

The grand Hanoi Opera House.

And the Neo-Gothic St. Joseph’s Cathedral.  It was beautiful inside the cathedral but we have to respect the ‘no-camera’ sign.  These sights are just some of the many beautiful and old buildings to experience around Ha Noi, it’s a shame we didn’t have time to see the Temple of Literature as everyone was raving about it.

The contrasts of images was an experience to be had.  The people were the same, some did not like their photos taken and some were too happy to give you a smile.  The social scene was also another part of the story.  Walking and driving around during the day you get to see the nice cafes, clubs and restaurants that changes its colours when the skies turn dark.  On our last night we met up with a friend, who worlds there now, at The Rooftop on the 19th floor of the Pacific Place.  Early in the evening we had dinner and the live band was playing jazz. After 9pm the music picked up its pace and the place buzzed with young socialites (or something that seemed like that.)

We left early the next morning and carried the sweet memories of Ha Noi on our next leg…Koh Samui.


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