Some observations from travels

Sunrise over Samui

4am.  The duet of bells clanging and dogs howling sounded off to welcome a new day!  I wasn’t startled this time, I have embraced this sound on the third morning, as it woke me up from a fitful sleep after a bone breaking Thai massage last night.  I learned from one of the staff at the resort that this sound was to invite member for the 4am (and 6pm) prayers.  This is similar to the mosques’ call for prayers.

Went back to sleep but was determined to step out early so I don’t miss the sunrise this time.  The first image that welcomed me with an amazing display of yellow, grey and orange.  I thought I missed it, yet again!

The moon goes to sleep on the west.

But good things come to those who get up earlier.  Here it was, wait for it…

There it is…

This was such a glorious experience for me.

And day three of the banana flower from my backyard.

Our villa was generously appointed with an outdoor lounge with a work area but I much preferred this as a workstation as I could look up and enjoy the view.

The resort was practically deserted as it was low season, which I preferred, until it picks up again early in December.

This had been a wonderful and very relaxing experience for us and quite sad to leave behind.  We move on to Phuket.


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