Some observations from travels

Mempesona Ubud, Bali

Mempesona translate into enchanting, breathtaking or bewitching!  Enchanting is something charming, enthralling, captivating and fascinating.  That is my word for Bali.  This is our third time visiting this beautiful island, first was a couple of years back and the second was only five months ago.  By the amount of frequency that indicates that we really, really love this place.  In the past we chose to stay in Jimbaran Bay south of the island and mostly cocooned within the resort compound.  This time we chose to stay in Ubud, central part of Bali, for a change of scenery.

Ubud is known for its rich cultural and artistic history, and as the ‘Village of Painters.’  It is beautiful here!  The crowd is obviously a caste above those we’ve previously met around the beach areas of, for example, Kuta and Legian.  There is more emphasis on culture and history in Ubud.  Alternative and eclectic is an apt description of the atmosphere here.

These are images of the family shrine within our home stay compound.

We live in a home stay, which, I feel, is the closest way to experience real Balinese style living.  The home stay compound is within an authentic family compound and we are bombarded with daily family activities and sounds.  You will be woken up, very early, by the orchestra of birds and other sounds of nature.  These are some of the wonderful images that I have witnessed each morning.

Isn’t this the best image of a family welcoming the morning sun!

And the rest of the family members, including a cheeky (and moody!) Cockatoo.

Our home stay is centrally located along Jalan Hanoman, known for its temples, shops and restaurants.  Every morning we are served a pot of hot tea and breakfast of a generous bowl of fruits and a plate of some typical Balinese fare.  This morning was banana crepe, YUM!  Yesterday was a banana toasty, YUMMY as well!

This is such a great start to our fortnight here in Ubub and Bali!  I am looking forward to some real R & R!


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