Some observations from travels

Cleansing Celebration, Ubud, Bali

As our stay here in Ubud progresses to its second week so have the Cleansing Celebration around the temples here.  It had been over a week since I first notice the locals getting busy with their preparations of elaborate offerings and decorations.  It is evident along the streets, at family shrines and the many temples around Ubud.  The stone statues are noticeably dressed for the celebration, the ladies and gents are coming out in their best temple fashion as well as the shrines and temples.  What was grey and stone from last week have turned into a colourful display of golds, reds, blacks and whites.

And when you’re fortunate to be at the right place when the families come out to take their temple effigy during these celebrations, it’s an experience of music, colour and grandeur.


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