Some observations from travels

Famous For Fun! Gold Coast, Australia

So…Famous For Fun!  That’s the new slogan for the Gold Coast (Queensland) for this year.  We’ve been away for four years and we get back to being famous for fun from being “Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next!”  (which I still prefer) and I hope there are no negative connotations to the new slogan.  On the most positive side – We are Home!  It feels great to be back to the endless, uninterrupted, blue skies, beautiful beaches and beautifully tanned people…  Here are some snippets of those beaches, and I promise there are more than these, along with fun images around.

It has been gorgeous everyday since we got back.  Some Goldies said that the weather is better this week – it showed off just as we came!  It was also wonderful to catch up with friends over dinner and drinks, watch the morning news and gossip or just walking along the beach and getting sand between our toes.  Priceless!


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