Some observations from travels


Amersfoort, the Medieval Centre of Holland

Amersfoort is one of the largest and well-preserved medieval cities in The Netherlands since the middle ages.  The Amersfoort region was believed to have been set up as camp sites for the hunter gatherers during the Mesolithic period.  The city centre feels like an open museum of old buildings and houses.  Walking around the centre you will enjoy old cafes and shops amongst the even older churches and fort walls.

Around Amersfoort you can have a walk through the many parks rich in greenery and wildlife.  One of them is the Park Randenbroek with its variety of trees and a landscape that is equally beautiful throughout the different seasons of the year.

In the middle of the city centre is an open space called The Hof which is surrounded by cafes, restaurants and pubs.  The Hof looks calm during the early hours of the day after a long night of wining and dining, except when it wakes up earlier for the Friday and Saturday markets.  You will not be short on choices of cheeses, breads and pastries, fruits and veggies, seafood as well as other odd bits that can only be found in markets.

In summer the square will be teeming with outdoor diners enjoying the warm weather.  During our recent visit it was evidently quieter but not empty.  We especially love the old cafes, in particular In Den Kleinen Hap, the Happerij & Tapperij and the Grandcafe as they have preserved the rustic look.

 There is so much history imbeded in and around Amersfoort as with any other part of Holland.  It takes more than a day and at different times of the year to fully appreciate this region.  I have been here many times but never get sick of it as there will always be something that will excite me.