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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

It’s Saturday, 30th March, somewhere in Nagoya, Japan. This was my day.

I know, some of us have to work on Saturdays. I had an easy day today, it started with a sunny outlook this morning. Every morning when I get up the first thing I do is look out the window to see how the day is starting. After breakfast I walk through the park and science museum for the subway station. Everyday, except on Mondays and maybe on public holidays, there would be a long queue of people trying to get into the museum. I take the subway to work as it is fast and reliable. Then I walk up the hill, lined with cherry blossoms, to my work.

I normally work with kids but today they were off for spring break and all we did was prepping for next term. As it was a gorgeous day my colleagues and I had lunch at the park close to work. The streets were busy with people enjoying their Hanami-viewing cherry blossoms. After work I usually stop by a local grocer next to the subway station for a bit of shopping.

When I walked back from the station neighbours were enjoying the day at the park. Once I get home it’s a series of chores-putting the washing on, emptying the dishwasher, putting on fresh sheets, dusting off the floor. Somedays are not as intense as this. Then I enjoy a cup of tea to settle down my blood. When I’m not too tired (after spending a day with 15+ pre-ks) I do a set of yoga.

Sunset did not show tonight. It was obscured by a thick cloud. On to the rest of my relaxing ritual, check what’s on tele-I opted for ‘Shall We Dance.’ Then check emails, Facebook, WordPress. And finally, who said we can’t multi-task that with a glass of merlot! What’s for dinner? Who knows.

That was my typical Saturday. What about yours? I hope you all have a great weekend.

PS. In the interest of keeping in tune with this months’ phoneography challenge, I did all photos and text here. I still struggle with editing photos into a captioned tiled gallery. So I cheated a bit and inserted my gallery through my laptop and finishing this post on my phone. I tried, truly.



Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood


It’s Sunday, 10th March. When I woke up the sun was not out yet and around 9am I decided to take a photo of how it looked outside. You are looking over the Brother Earth Planetarium of the Nagoya City Science Museum and the Nagoya City Art Museum in Japan. This is a view from my balcony.

Not a very nice day as Nagoya is expecting yellow sand blown in from china. We were planning to go for a wander around but maybe not today. The streets are busy with the annual Nagoya Women’s Marathon – good luck to them!