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Relics from Pompeii

These pieces of work demonstrated the talents of archeology.  After the eruption of Mount Vesuvius the ashes later hardened.  Voids were created by the decomposed organic materials encased in them, including human bodies.  In 1863 archeologist and museum director Giuseppe Foirelli filled these voids with liquid plaster and left them to set.  The imprints formed a cast of the victims.A resin body cast of a young lady from Pompeii.  
This is of a woman trying to cover her face.
This is a couple lying next to each other.
This couple looked quite sad as they must have tried to cover each other from the ashes.
This man had no chance of escaping the ashes.  It looked like he was a prisoner and still shackled to the ground.
This would be the saddest, for me, as it looked like a child who was trying to cover its face from the fumes.
Included in the show were remains from courtyards and other artefacts showing the former glory of Pompeii before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.