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thursday lingering look at windows

Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 10

I was sorry to have missed Week 9 for this challenge, but I made it for this week!  A couple of weeks ago I started a new challenge for myself – to go on a 12 chapter walking tour around Nagoya, Japan where I live.  On the first part I visited the street of Shikemichi, a conservation district of Nagoya City.  These buildings gave you a feel of 18th Century Japan.  For this week’s challenge I will share with you the unique windows from these buildings.





DSC_0182Don’t forget to visit here and not miss all the other contributions.  Have a great week.


Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 8

This is my first time to contribute to this challenge and quite excited about it.  I chanced upon The Day After‘s weekly challenge through Cee’s Photography and thought this was an interesting challenge as I personally like peering through windows.  This photo I had a while now but it is a real example of what lies within the many windows of Holland.

bar window amersfoort


I took this photo of an antique shop I visited and didn’t realise the reflection of the building across from it

DSC_3158I hope you visit The Day After for more posts on this challenge.