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Travel Theme

Travel Theme: Stone

Having been back home meant back to the usual grind of life – work, friends, coffees, food, sights, sounds, smells and of course the beach.  Ailsa’s Travel Theme last week was Stone.  A couple of the beaches I enjoy visiting on the Gold Coast has a good collection of stones, both big and small.

A bird's view of Burleigh Heads and Surfer's Paradise

A bird’s view of Burleigh Heads and Surfer’s Paradise



Fishing and boating on the Spit

Fishing and boating on the Spit


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Travel Theme: Flow

Flow, is to move along in a continuous and steady stream or current.  Flow is the Travel Theme over at Where’s My Backpack this week.  My take on flow is from our visit to Tokyo last year.  One of the top things to experience in this vibrant city is the crossing along Shibuya.  This district is known as a shopping, fashion and a favourite meeting place around the train station.  Before coming to Japan, my image of Tokyo was always about this crossing.

shibuya by day

shibuya at night

Both during the day and at night, the steady flow of people traffic is non-stop, it’s quite amazing how this place doesn’t run out of people!

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Travel Theme: Beaches

I love beaches and I love that Where’s My Backpack chose this for this week’s Travel Theme.






Weekly Travel Themes: Benches

I love taking photos of benches, preferably when they’re empty however, I do not mind when someone is enjoying their comfort.  In last week’s Travel Theme challenge benches are on order.  So here is my (rather late) contribution to the many others who have already shared their beautiful benches as well.

I hope you all have a great week.

Travel Theme: Time

The Travel Theme for last week was about Time.  I don’t recall taking many photos of clock or any time telling objects.  However, A few months ago on a weekend in Tokyo, Japan, I did not forget this unusual looking clock.

Time clock with a map of Japan

Time clock with a map of Japan

Astronomical clock

Astronomical clock

Both clocks were on a tall post in a commercial/business area.  One clock face shows the current time and the zodiac stars, possibly where in the country was the vantage point to view them.  The other face shows an elaborate map of the zodiac signs, their time during the year and the time of day from sunrise to sunset.  Unique!

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