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A word a Week Challenge – Boat

boat on ha long

A lone boat along Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is the one photo that came to mind when this week’s A Word a Week Challenge came up.  This was such a memorable photo for me…a boat amongst the giant limestone formations of Ha Long Bay.  Don’t forget to pop by for a visit at A Word in Your Ear for more contributions to this week’s challenge.


A Word a Week Challenge – Face




DSC_0265These are stone sculptures with images of babies commonly seen around buddhist temples.  Jizō statues are popular in Japan as they believe that it can alleviate the suffering of both the living and those who have died.  Jizō are also honoured by modern buddhist believers in Japan as the protector of the unborn, miscarried, still-born and aborted babies.

I have seen many of these statues but these photos were from a recent visit to a temple in Osaka.  I liked these statues as the faces of the Jizō are more expressive and serene.  And my favourite is the first photos where it showed both mother and baby, which I haven’t seen before.

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A Word a Week Challenge: Zoom

This is an interesting challenge as I love zoomed in photos, but do not take the most excellent ones myself.  Still, scanning through my photos, I found some beautiful ones that I feel are worth sharing.  One of my favourite subjects are people – random and candid.  It is quite a challenge zooming in on people without invading their privacy or intruding on whatever they’re doing.  So I thought for this challenge I will share some photos of people I have zoomed in enough, hopefully, so as not to offend them.













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