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South Korea

South Korea (Part 7)

Photography by Lucas

Itaewon is a city district of Seoul known to residents and tourists alike. A place with many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops. A “hot spot” for expats and military personnel from the nearby base. Most embassies are located around Itaewon as well as the infamous “Hooker Hill” with its line up of trendy Gay bars like Bar Bliss and Always Homme to name a few. You will find an abundance of shops here where you can get traditional South Korean souvenirs as well as plenty counterfeit goods and clothing of varying quality. You’ll find some interesting shop signs that are a good laugh and a stark reminder that the English language here is not very well versed and only spoken by a very few.

One pub known to all expats and locals alike is the 3 Alley Pub. Founded by Gunter Kamp in 2001, better known as “Happy G”…

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